Carroll Osburn

"One hilariously thoughtful book!."

"If I didn't know you, I'd think you're a gifted and talented writer."

"I laughed out loud a lot and teared up on occasion and couldn't put it down."

"Once attuned to your anecdotal style, the book was a great read." 

"On the surface, your 'semi-autobiographical' look at life in a small town in Arkansas during the late 1950s is delightfully light hearted. However, in view of the developing undercurrent, this book begs to be taken seriously. With wit, your fast-paced vignettes skillfully introduce your culture of inherited values, many worthy but some not, and develop significant questions that led you as a high school boy to rethink and eventually part company with the predominant mind-set. That you became a prodigal in that regard is not surprising. That your experiences in 'crossing the line' were so real and engaging was quite unexpected. This book definitely rings true to life."

"You stress at the beginning that the characters in the book are entirely fictional and I buy that, but this stuff really happened, didn't it? I mean, you didn't dream all this funny stuff up entirely out of nowhere, did you?"

"So when is the sequel coming out?"

"Frankly, I was really worried about Delbert."